Leading U.S. Expert Witness in Credit Scoring and Consumer Credit Analysis

Patrick Culhane

  • Credit Scoring Luminary – Former Fair Isaac Executive Vice President and Visionary Developer behind the FICO® Scoring Franchise
  • Consumer Credit Scoring/Credit Reporting Expert Witness
  • Speaker/Commentator on Credit Scoring and Credit Report Analysis

The Culhane Company LLC is lead by credit scoring expert Patrick Culhane. Culhane has been described as a visionary of consumer credit scoring analytics and is the “go-to” United States credit scoring expert. No one brings his level of depth and experience to the resolution of issues regarding credit reporting, scoring, and the approval and use of consumer credit:

  • Lead architect and visionary behind Fair Isaac’s “FICO®” score
  • Leader for 15 years: Fair Isaac’s credit scoring and financial services practice
  • Credit industry player: 14 years in private consultancy leading credit industry studies and analyses of changing U. S. consumer credit dynamics
  • Advisor to innovative technology firms in consumer analytics
  • Keynote speaker on consumer credit trends
  • Expert witness encompassing credit reporting, scoring and credit management practice

Until the early 1990s a lender’s decision to approve an application for credit was a pretty quiet thing. A lender’s criteria for that decision consisted of a proprietary set of rules that weighed various factors, based on prior lending experience. With few exceptions, lender A and lender B did not share their rules.

All of that changed dramatically with the development and widespread adoption of the FICO® scoring algorithm developed by Fair Isaac. Over time the score became not just the standard but also the common language of consumer credit qualification in the USA.

I personally led the development of the FICO score in all its aspects – analysis, positioning, and adoption by lenders – during a 15-year career with FICO.

Credit scores and their impact on consumers and lenders have become pervasive topics in consumer and business media. As the visibility has risen on the impact of credit scores and underlying credit reports, so has the potential for disputes that relate to their use.

My experience in the analysis of consumer credit behaviors, credit reports and credit scoring now spans 29 years, including my years with Fair Isaac and 14 years in private analytics consultancy. If your case requires in-depth knowledge of credit scores and credit reporting, or their use in lending or credit management practices, I can probably help, and welcome your inquiry.