Curriculum vitae

Pat Culhane
The Culhane Company LLC
Marin County, California


Pat Culhane is Owner and Principal of The Culhane Company LLC, an expert services firm specializing in issues related to credit scoring and credit report analysis. Culhane was the lead architect of the FICO® credit score development during a 15-year career with Fair Isaac (inventors of the FICO credit scoring system).  Often described as a credit analytics luminary, his deep familiarity with credit reporting, credit data, and the analysis of consumer credit usage is the basis for extraordinary clarity and credibility in expert analysis and opinion.


15 Years with Fair Isaac Corporation (1985-2000)

  • Executive Vice President, Financial Services (global responsibility 1995-2000, Fair Isaac’s dominant business line worldwide). Principal architect of FICO® credit scoring franchise
  • Innovative leader of credit bureau analytic approach, credit bureau relations, and market adoption advancing products to status of industry standards
  • Primary credit report analyst, personally analyzing thousands of credit reports
  • Author, Associated Credit Bureaus study on impact of minor delinquency reporting on credit risk assessment and pivotal Fair Isaac “ViewPoints” and credit scoring educational pieces
  • Featured Speaker, Fair Isaac “Interact” conferences – United States and Europe

14 Years in Private Credit Analytics Consultancy, The Culhane Company LLC (2000-2014)

  • Analytics consultant to major national credit card issuers and payment processor with focus on trends in consumer credit behaviors, credit reporting and impacts on credit usage, and relationships of credit demand and usage to growth of the U.S. economy
  • Expert witness in credit scoring, credit management, and underwriting. Court qualified, Superior Court of California. Awarded IMS EliteXpert designation (2013)
  • Advisory Board member for leading consumer analytics technology firms (Strategic Analytics, Austin Logistics)
  • Corporate Board member (Infocentricity, InfoArmor)
  • Keynote Speaker and Credit industry panel chair (Austin Logistics, InfoCentricity), subjects including home equity-based lending revolution and impact on credit risk assessment (2006), mortgage “meltdown” and ripple effect on non-mortgage portfolios, credit reporting and credit score design (2008)
  • Guest Lecturer (University of San Francisco) “Raising your Credit IQ”, Credit, Debt and Society series, 2009


B.S. Statistics, University of California, Riverside
M.S. Statistics, Stanford University