Expert Witness Services

Pat Culhane serves as a retained witness in cases involving the reporting and access of consumer credit, and the functioning and use of credit scores. His 29 years in the financial services/credit analytics industry and his pivotal role in the evolution of U.S. consumer credit analysis bring unmatched depth and credibility to analyses, depositions and testimony in hearings.

Patrick maintains a network of affiliated experts who can engage in consultations in related but highly specialized areas.

A typical engagement consists of the following:

  • Qualification of the case/assessment of a fit with experience
  • Review of existing related case files and consultation with hiring counsel
  • Written reports summarizing our expert findings and evaluation of opposing expert opinions
  • Depositions and/or hearings testimony

Our objective is to supply clear, truthful expert information and direct expert opinion when and as required. We readily turn down cases when we think such information and opinion cannot or will not support the case at hand.

Credit scoring-related issues frequently involve:

  • The impact of score changes on credit approval and credit pricing
  • Alignment or comparison of scores across bureaus or over time
  • Relative impact of components of a credit report on scores
  • Degradation in credit reputation and its uniformity or variation in a class